Windsurf regatta in Silvaplana – Swiss Championship

We did not know about it. I remembered from the past that Silvaplana was one hot spot for windsurfing, but we had no idea that during those days there would be the Swiss Championship.

That day we did not have anything planned, we were ready to leave for St. Moritz and have a classic tour of the lake when I suggested to drive some more and reach for Silvaplana, where often there are kites and windsurfers which are always entertaining to look at. So we went there… and… we fell right in the middle of the racing! What for an atmosphere!

First of all: there was wind! Cold and powerful wind capable of new and creative haircuts and of making you wink your eyes. Plentiful of flags, bending and slamming each one with a slightly different rhythm as if they were to keep the pace of the event.

Natascia checking on Jacopo in its stroller
Funny picture of Natascia checking on Jacopo while everything else is flying!

The voice of the reporter, which continuously kept everyone up to date with the development of the regatta, people everywhere: some preparing for the race, others, already wet and tired changing and warming up, few reading the newspaper at the bar as if nothing was going on, even a couple with a red stroller was there! 😉 And of course… the sails! With all their beautiful colours, flying from left to right and back, mixing with each other, there they are, the windsurf sails.

While they were standing and waiting for their turn to race I could easily shoot some more pictures.

For those that like videos better… Enjoy the start of the regatta!

I have also found some professional pictures taken from the official photographs during the event. If you like have a look here.

We had a very tasty hamburger at the restaurant of the windsurfing club after which we prepared ourselves to go back and finished our day on the lake of St. Moritz, which was also well beaten by the wind. Even if it is a small lake some sailing boats were definitely having fun!

Sailing boat on the lake of St. Moritz
While walking around the lake I kept looking at the boats that were tacking across the lake and could not stop myself by taking some pictures!

Definitely a great day for those loving the sailing sports… and also for us that were just walking and looking, it was entertaining and energizing!

Thanks a lot for reading!




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