Jacopo conquering his first ‘peak’!

To say so it is just a little exaggerated, but it was indeed the first time that the three of us reached a restaurant on the mountains! Getting there was very easy, no need to climb anything… Someone else did this for us in the past and now we may use a marvellous, small, blue train.

In the picture the blue train which is connecting st. Moritz and corviglia.
This is the marvellous blu train that took us to Chantarella!

Let’s be honest though: the train is not marvellous per se, it is just the fact that it allows you to go up the mountain with the stroller without sweating a drop, that makes it interesting! Oh, and as Natascia pointed out, the station is not stroller friendly, meaning there are only stairs… Stroller needs to be lifted, daddies be prepared!

Looking out of the window of the blue train you get a beautiful view!
This was the view we were gifted a few moments after the little train left the station. I believe that one of the great advantages of this train is that it starts directly from the city.

The first stop of the train was ours, so we “jumped off”, carried the strolled until the exit and started our walk towards the restaurant, which was really near (around 10 min).

Salastrains restaurant
The restaurant ‘Salastrains’ where we had launch

The place was very nice, but probably not our genre: believing that there was no other choice we blindly reserved a table without looking further. We did not feel comfortable since the atmosphere, the service and the food offering were slightly posh: at the same time though you could understand that they were struggling with the organisation of the work, plans had to be changed, customers requests went lost or were wrong… The manager, was giving instructions to his subordinates on the fly and with loud voice while running from to the tables to the kitchen. I believe this is more adequate for a pizzeria than for a restaurant. My smile got even bitter when the manager claimed, talking with the guests sitting behind us, to have been working in the very same restaurant for the last 35 years.

Next time we should double check if there are other options available which fit better our way of living the mountain. For sure a picnic could be a great idea, more so, since there are dedicated areas which have beautiful wooden tables and sometimes even grilling facilities.

Playground and picnic area near the salastrains restaurant.
A few steps away from the restaurant we saw this play area where you could easily have your lunch. You just need to organise yourself a little earlier… and in case you should have kids they will love the possibility of playing!

In any case Jacopo behaved like a boss at the restaurant: as soon as we arrived he reclaimed his milk and after having eaten he fell into a deep sleep until the bill arrived. As soon as we started moving again he fell asleep once more: we discovered that he prefers uneven terrains to the regular, paved, ones…

While “walking down the street” to get back home I stopped a few times to take some more shots.

Beside the view I also found something that caught my curiosity. I still do not know what they are, so please do not ask, and the picture I took, I took only because I liked the geometrical shapes. Are you curious too? Let’s have a look!

Leaving the wooden sculptures behind and keeping the questions regarding their use or destination, we continued our walk without further breaks until the city where we had left our car.

Once home we chilled down a little, while some, slept some more. It was then time for a quick drink in Celerina, followed by dinner… and suddenly it was time to put Jacopo to sleep again!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jacopo conquering his first ‘peak’!

  1. Your little fellow is living the dream…my favorite part of this blog entry came when you wrote that at the restaurant he had his milk and then slept until the bill came!


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