I invented the word “wordbites” a few years back already and I liked it because it somehow reflected my personality as well as some of the objectives I was keen to pursue with my own blog.

How could ever a nonsense word like “wordbites” reflect the personality of ¬†anyone? I think it fits in my case, because I have always been very good at observing the world around me and in describing it with a few, and often biting (meaning that one way or the other, they do leave a sign, either positive or negative), words.

To me “wordbites” means also bits and pieces of words… which is not what I’m planning to write on this blog, but sometimes I’ll upload some short notes, or even just a few words which may help me reminding experiences or particular atmospheres. Whereas it might very well happen that I’ll post a boring explanation of what I have learned in that particular day.

I imagine this blog as a repository of notes, which should help me in understanding things while I write them and recalling while reading them: for the rest of the world wide web I believe this blog won’t be of that great interest, unless I should manage to write some reviews or explain how I fixed some particular issue. In that case I would be really happy knowing I was able to help someone!