I cappelletti! 

Finally after a few hours of preparation, what we call, cappelletti, are ready. Handmade by my wife, stuffed with meat, we will eat them today, together with some broth. 

We left the cappelletti resting for a few hours…
This is a complete picture. In order to prepare this much, it took ca. 2 hours. 

If I manage, I might post a picture of the plate, once served… 😜  but for now, I wish you all Merry Christmas!

And finally, here it is… 

Yes, indeed! After having kept us waiting, after having made us think it would come, without really showing up, the snow finally came. 

The photo was taken quite early in the morning of a beautiful day! A pity I had to go pack and go to work, would have been nice to walk around and shoot some more pictures! With such a light and colors… Beautiful!