Changing wipers

Really proud of sharing this my new conquest. Back from the Treviso trip I still had a few moments to change wipers to my car as well as to my wife’s. I remember that while I was browsing the online site where I bought them from  I was worried about a few things:

  • Will I be able to install them correctly?
  • Will they really fit my car and how will their performance be?
  • On the model which is said to be compatible with my car it is said that the rear wiper is shorter than the original one: will it work correctly? Or maybe even better than the original one?

I’m happy to announce that I was able to install them: it is really easy, and that yes, the ones I bought which were for my Skoda Octavia 4×4 and for a Panda 4×4, work great.

For my future memory I’m writing the article number as well as quick description in order to know which one to buy in the future:

  • 3 397 007 292, Panda 4×4, front wipers kit (contains 2 wipers), 16.22€
  • 3 397 004 802, Panda 4×4, rear wiper, 5.15€
  • 3 397 007 620, Skoda Octavia 4×4, front wipers kit (contains 2 wipers), 11.79€
  • 3 397 008 713, Skoda Octavia 4×4, rear wiper, 4.41€

Prices do not include VAT. I did spend59.72€ in total.

As you can see from the image below the difference between the new rear wiper for my Octavia is there, but it is really small, probably less than 1 cm. If you look carefully you will note how the new wiper is shorter than the clean arc made by the old wiper.


My car really needs some cleaning!

After a few days of driving I have noticed that the rear wiper is shorter even in the inside not only on th exterior. Check the pictures below and you’ll understand.

I also took a few pictures from inside the car: you can see two different layers of dirt at both ends of the wiper. Therefore the wiper is shorter than what I thought: I don’t care as long as the wiper cleans and doesn’t make noise. 


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