Traces of a huge (animal) party!

Lugano is waking up: slowly though. Seems like today is going to be a beautiful day!

Beside the magic my curiosity was taken by some intriguing signs in the snow: it really looked like someone had a party on the balcony.

What happened on this balcony? Someone had a party?

I was so curious I decided to adventure myself in the cold and have a closer look! What kind of animal might it be?


This is another animal though… a crazy one!

So I decided to go have a walk in the nearby woods and have a look for similar traces! Hereunder a sequence of pictures! Sadly it is not possible, at least for me, to recognise any specific animal since the snow was already partially melt and the traces were not as definite anymore! Still, perhaps the first picture, is quite definite! Was that a cat or… something else?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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