Swiss Folding Team: looking for a hosting service

I’m so excited! Since weeks I have been thinking and/or dreaming of the best ways of promoting our Swiss Folding Team. Of course we are going to need a homepage to do that and this automatically implies having a hosting service. I have done a quick research on what is available on the Swiss market now and the cheapest (at least on paper) seems to be ServerTown. I have asked my hosting service if they can do something similar and this is why I’m so excited right now.

On a first thought it would have been definitely better to go directly with Server Town without wasting energy/time in formulating an appropriate request to my current hosting company since the kind of leverage I have is very small: it is not that I don’t have any kind of leverage as I’m a customer having new ideas and plans for the future which may evolve and create a bigger business for them too and, let’s don’t forget, satisfied customers promote by word of mouth: I already have sent to my friends a message on what’s app announcing my request… if it goes well, for sure I will be happy, not only because I have received something that costs less, but also because, it would mean that somehow I have managed to move someone else to support our Swiss Folding Team! In fact, since I was writing to have a better offer, I took the chance of explaining what it was all about: just a few lines to explain about the Team, put it in the link to Stanford University… maybe if I don’t get the rebate we may get a new Team Member, which would also be great!

I have been thinking that should my provider not be able to directly reduce the prices maybe they could offer me some kind of sponsorship in exchange of some advertisement on the homepage: I could do that by publishing the name and logo of the hosting company. Although this is would probably the only one advertisement I would allow, as I don’t like having flashing banners everywhere…!

I really hope they don’t come with answer like: “I’m really sorry but our packages are already configured and we may not modify them”. Which basically is what I think I will receive as answer as it is very common (also they couldn’t do an exception for every crazy guy asking for rebates, do they!?!), but… do you imagine how cool this would be if they would offer me something? For me it would be great, not only because the Swiss Folding Team would have a cheaper hosting service, but because in order to achieve an objective, human beings were able to do an effort and come together.

Am I exaggerating things right now? Maybe. But I feel this way and it feels great to have such expectations, even though it is for a very, very small thing! 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes, for sure. And… I also decided that, no matter how things will proceed, I will send the link to this post to whoever from the hosting company answers my request (hopefully it won’t be an automated answer 😀 ).

BTW before I go: I used Hostingliste to get a comparison among the best Webhosting services in Switzerland.


What future for Ticino?

It is a recurring question. It is, because economical conditions are worsening since the bank sector is reducing it’s importance in the whole of Switzerland. But for Ticino, which is a small territory and the bank sector was the main driver, this has even worse consequences. And, as if this wasn’t difficult enough there is a big neighbour, Italy, which has an even worse economical situation: there are almost 60’000 commuters coming from Italy every day, which are now working in Ticino, taking qualified jobs for a fraction of the Swiss cost. Still, since the Italian cost for living is lower, for Italians also a fraction of the Swiss salary is a decent alternative to staying home unemployed. For locals it is difficult to compete: therefore politics has taken some actions in order to reduce the phenomenon. Nevertheless I believe that protectionism, even though it is a natural reaction, it won’t solve the issue. Also because, I would like to remember, commuters is not the main issue: Ticino’s biggest business sector, banks, has taken a major hit. With what should we replace it?

Tourism could be an answer, although the strength of the Swiss franc doesn’t help.

It should be mentioned though that the few times I have visited some hotels in Lugano, either they are really expensive, or if you try something more accessible it is depressing: many are still from the sixties and never refurbished. Decadence all over the place! It is true though that some new hotels have been built in Lugano: I believe one is an Ibis hotel, which being very near to the motorway exit, is very convenient, but is not going to be the choice for someone who would like to stay a bit longer than one night.

I’m afraid that some new ideas should be found in order to promote Ticino and make it more interesting for companies, of course companies bringing value and not only warehouses, as it has happened in the past. Maybe companies of the technological sector?

I mean Ticino already has many things which are interesting for companies. Being in Switzerland there is a stable government, taxes shouldn’t be that high, infrastructure is available, bureaucracy is not as heavy as in other countries, … probably the main issue is that salaries are so expensive. Still, they are cheaper than in the rest of Switzerland, I would say! 🙂

Or someone has better ideas?