Early morning light on Lugano

View of Lugano. Picture taken early in the morning, during December 2018.A beautiful snapshot of Lugano early in the morning! When I took the picture I could feel the winter, the cold and sleepiness of the city in front of me.
At the same time I was urged to take the picture as I recognised that the light was changing very, very fast getting brighter and loosing some of its magic.

I wish to all of my followers, readers, occasional reader a happy new year!


Marinella, the famous ties shop, is leaving Lugano

Past weekend I was walking through Lugano and while looking at the shop windows I saw that Marinella is closing. Until the end of March they will still be opened and they are liquidating their inventory and you might find some interesting.

The shop address is the following one:

Marinella, Via della Posta 2, 6900 Lugano

Link to tel.search.ch

The aim of this post is not really to publicise Marinella’s shop, but is more related to the devolution of Lugano. I have been reporting, on a more general scale about this phenomenon already in the past: What future for Ticino?

Marinella is not the only luxury brand which has left Lugano, Bulgari left almost one year and half earlier. What about the other luxury brands, will they have interest in staying in Via Nassa?

What intrigues me is what may come next, who will be interested in taking the spaces which are going to be left empty after Marinella closes?